Sue Maud

Sue writes: “Much of my work incorporates textures from ground rocks, sand and weed. The sea and land’s formation causing erosion, transforming land, rocks, sky and sea; affecting nature’s wild life, human life and emotions¬† causing tension, acute sensation, release of energy but also tranquility. These aspects are affecting my work with elements of strength, terrifying, awesome might and beauty.

Printmaking work comprises etchings, monoprints, light sensitive, lino and collage. Painting includes acrylic, watercolour, mixed medium, texture, print and oil. This work emphasises the frightening speed at which our planet, including ourselves, is changing to element reaction.

The world now seems to be engulfed in global warming and is becoming a major issue throughout many governments and independent bodies.

Having sailed many areas of ‘our world’ over the years, this change of erosion and nature fighting back has been apparent for many years. The Joy of the Sea and the amazing transformation of Land and Rock show that nature is fighting back.

My work has been affected by both the changes throughout the landscape and seascape and emanating in an exciting new departure through both my printmaking, painting and mixed medium.”


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