Chris Williams

Chris Williams

ASG Studio Artist

Iā€™m a painter working in oils on linen and sometimes on canvas, board or paper.

Drawing is of equal importance to my practice and close observation is the starting point

for all my work. I usually draw in graphite or charcoal but also make mixed media

drawings adding inks, watercolour or pastel. Occasionally I make monotypes.

Most of my work is of the landscape of Herefordshire, Shropshire and the Welsh borders.

However, I sometimes stray further afield and also paint portraits and still life paintings.

I like to explore and work in the landscape whenever I can and sometimes complete

paintings en plein air, though many are developed in the studio using sketches, oil

studies, photographs and memory. Even if the drawings from expeditions are not used to

develop a completed painting the experience feeds back into my painting. Working

outside usually means having to draw or paint quickly and make fast decisions. I find the

spontaneous mark making that results valuable in developing my studio work.


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