Nadezda Kakoli

Nadezda Kakoli

My love of painting and passion for colour and line started in my childhood. I was inspired and influenced by the beauty of colour, impression of different characters of nature and individual way of expression of all kind of subjects those surrounding us.

I have always loved to draw and am fascinated to know about art more deeply. I started to study art in the Fine Art Institute of Dhaka University, Bangladesh and obtained a bachelor of fine arts major in oil painting with distinction from the China Academy of Arts, China. I am also a qualified adult art teacher from the UK.

I like to paint with oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. I love to explore my own ideas on paper and canvas based on very common subjects or from my visual memory. I also like to paint Chinese traditional watercolour.

I love to experiment with different styles of work using various media and contrasting colours. I would like to explore a variety of themes starting with a simple subject and then develop it with my own interpretation into a colourful contemporary work.

My works have been exhibited in China, Bangladesh, Japan and UK and collected by people and museums in these countries and also Austria, Australia, Canada, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA.

My endless fantasies and love towards drawing and painting are the main driving force of the expression in my works.