Rachel Sudworth

Rachel Sudworth

I have always been fascinated by nature and landscape. The colours, textures, and forms found in wild environments are a constant inspiration, anything from a collected lichen-covered twig or a mountaintop view can be a starting point. I always take my sketchbook and camera out walking with me, and usually have pockets full of seed pods, shells, stones and feathers!

I like fog and mist, the depth and stillness it creates. I love winter light, especially on the Isle of Skye. Taking drawing and colour studies I make in the landscape back to the studio I distil and explore ideas and emotions.

My paintings tend not to be specific places. I always find myself returning to photos, drawings and memories I have collected over time, so that the work has a sense of place, rather than becoming a scene.

I try to create work that leaves something open to a viewer’s personal interpretation; I think it is important for an individual to have their own connection with the piece.

Drawing and mark-making is very important to me. Often I abstract, crop and simplify drawings. Working with the fluid and spontaneous qualities of ink and paint allows my artwork to develop organically and naturally. I love oil paint and ink, oil bars and graphite pencils, and use materials to manipulate the balance between control and un-control, allowing the paint to run, pool and soften, stripping back and layering washes and marks to create depth and atmosphere.

Artist’s Website: www.rachelsudworth.co.uk