Allen Fisher

Engaged Embrace, paintings across a range of media.

Engaged Embrace brings together a new series of paintings, derived from the themes of rural traps and carpenters’ tools. Research into these objects, underway now for more than twenty years, provides the origination for many of the shapes in these paintings, but these shapes overlap with Fisher’s earlier studies from moving human figures and landscapes with contemporary urban streets. There is a vibrant use of colour, which on the surface displaces the origination of the shapes into a new experience, defamiliarising the sense of recognition, giving the rigour of the work a fragility and freshness. The series includes oil paintings on canvas and board, alongside large watercolour and mixed media paintings on paper, offered in a range of sizes, both modest and ambitious.

Allen Fisher Poet

Allen started writing in 1962, performed with English Fluxus group in 1970s, began professional work as painter in 1978. Publisher of Edible Magazine and SPANNER, co-publisher Aloes Books, he is Emeritus Professor of Poetry and Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, England. 140 plus single-author publications of art documentation, conceptual artwork, poetry; part of his processual work in Tate Collection, visual work in museums and private collections America, Australia, Britain and Iceland. Recent substantial works include Drawing performances, small gallery shows, reading performances and recent 4 books PROPOSALS, LEANS, ENTANGLEMENT and GRAVITY.

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