Vivienne Sole

“Sole’s work is really beautiful – poetic, thoughtful, elegant and executed in an intelligent, effective and stimulating way. The combination of the themes of sadness, loss, illness and memory with conceptual and minimalist art vocabularies, results in sculptural pieces that are sensitive, meaningful and engaging.”                    Matt Price, Art critic, writer and curator

Following a career in teaching in the Far East, Vivienne studied art at Hereford College of Art and Design. She now works from her home studio. She has had a series of solo exhibitions and has shown in both public and commercial galleries locally, nationally, in London, and occasionally overseas.

She is a mixed media artist using a variety of materials, ranging from paper, paint and print, to wool, soap, hair and textiles; enjoys using found objects as a starting point and has a special interest in Book Art.

Her aim: to transmit ideas, emotions and inner truths from her subconscious to the viewer in a way that touches and remains and with it carries a grain of magic.