The h.Art website giving details for both visitors and artists is now available at Registrations to take part are open from 11th March to 17th April.

Apple Store Gallery is taking part in h.Art 2019 with an exhibition entitled ‘More Happening at ASG!’ featuring works by our studio artists. Located in Rockfield Road close to Hereford Station, Bus Station and Aylestone Court Hotel, Apple Store Gallery will also be hosting open studios for some of its resident artists. We have parking close to the Gallery and ramp access to the Gallery and Framing Workshop. Artists will be on hand to show you their work and demonstrate their craft during h.Art. Our exhibition will be open 14th August to 22nd September. We look forward to seeing you

h.Art – Herefordshire Art Week will take place in 2019 between 7th and 15th September, with a choice of more than 100 venues to visit and over 300 artists from Herefordshire and the borders. It’s part of the experience to explore the nooks and crannies of the county en route to the open studios, group exhibitions and galleries where you can then discover craft and art. The event brings ‘the artist’ to the forefront and enables visitors to meet the makers, meaning a purchase or commission becomes all the more special. Some venues host ‘Special Events’, distinct experiences such as talks, demos and workshops, and many offer some of the best homemade cake you’ll come across!

There is so much to see, and something for everyone.