We provide a framing service both for items purchased in the Gallery and works you bring in yourself.

David can bring his artist’s eye to a whole range of projects including:IMG_6411-small

  • Mounting and Wrapping
  • Cutting Window Mounts
  • Float Mounting
  • Framing Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Prints, Textiles, Embroideries and 3D ObjectsIMG_6444-small
  • Custom-made Frames
  • Box Framing
  • Decorative Mounts
  • Canvas StretchingIMG_6714-small
  • Circular Canvases
  • Chop Service
  • Cutting and Fitting Glass
  • Water White Glass, Non-Reflective Glass, ArtGlass IMG_7128-small
  • Conservation Advice
  • Frame Repairs