Herefordshire Open and Young Open Exhibition will take place again in 2019. It will be held at The Courtyard Centre for the Arts, Hereford, 6th September to 4th October with a Private View on Thursday 5th September, 6 to 8pm.

The exhibition will be organised by ‘Framework Herefordshire’ a Support Network for Emerging Artists run by and for artists at the start of their careers.







The Aims of Framework Herefordshire

The aims are to:

Act as a platform for emerging artists, who are at the start of their career and who live, study or work in Herefordshire, to inform young artists about events and invite them to submit work they have completed recently.

Engage members of the public, particularly young people, to look at the creative industries as a rewarding career choice.

Give local artists and graduates opportunities to help develop their careers. Events should be used to help people get experience of preparing their work for, curating, promoting and hanging exhibitions.

Encourage young artists to participate in h.Art (Herefordshire Art Week) through Associate Membership.

Events are organised by the Herefordshire Open and Young Open Steering Group, which consists of artists involved in previous Young Open Exhibitions with support from the h.Art (Herefordshire Art Week) Steering Group and Apple Store Gallery, Hereford.