Recent Explorations

30th August to 23rd September

Recent Explorations by abstract painter, Stella Hidden with ceramics by Verity Howard are showing as part of our h.Art (Herefordshire Art Week) offer. Upstairs @ ASG, illustrator Janine White, h.Art bursery award winner, is featured alongside ASG resident artists, Caroline Conan-Davies and Chris Williams.

During h.Art, 9th to 17th September we shall be open every day, 10am to 5pm.

We look forward to seeing you.

Stella writes of her current project:

“When I started on this exploratory work it was the cold, dark days of January and February. Every day I bundled myself into many layers of clothing and climbed up the 20 stone steps to my Dovecote studio.  It is a lovely space, but in winter impossible to heat, so it’s very cold.  Temperatures of 10 degrees below don’t just affect me, they affect the paint, which took 24 hours to dry and just wasn’t as pliable as it can be.  Also the light levels at this time are very low, so the colours are not brought to life and the wood on which I paint becomes more absorbent.

So indeed it was a dark time, literally and also in my personal life.  This is reflected in the first two paintings.

Gradually Spring and then Summer came and in turn the light levels lifted and the paint dried more quickly. Then in late June/July, the temperature in the studio soared to 37 degrees and the paint would not spread at all – it dried coming out of the tube!  So then I worked with an electric sander or a chisel!

This is the time when the colours come to life; they start to ‘zing’ and talk to each other.

Climate change happens each year in my studio.  During August temperatures are in the 20s, and this is when I can balance each painting so that it finds its own voice. Whatever the final form, each painting carries the history of their and my physical, emotional and climatic journey throughout the year.

Throughout the months there is consideration, care and trusting that they will speak for themselves as they go out into the world.

‘For each viewer every painting or picture is a question’ quote Ben Okri.”

Verity Howard is starting out on her journey as a ceramicist and her latest inspiration is the Ley Lines of Alfred Watkins.

“I am interested in responding to themes linked to people’s lives and places in order to create contemplative ceramic artworks. I make slab built forms using clay as a medium for drawing and monoprinting.

‘A Ley Landscape’ was made in response to Victorian photographs taken by Alfred Watkins of rural Herefordshire. Watkins’s photographs document his research into Ley Lines, with his images often depicting ancient pathways, hills and mounds. I was drawn to his images for their mysterious, looming, dark, sinister and foreboding qualities. In this body of work I have created ceramic forms depicting themes from Watkins’s landscapes which capture the qualities that I was drawn to in his photographs. In order to reflect the atmosphere of Watkins’s images I have monoprinted a variety of grey slips and minimal line drawings on to the surface of the works. This conveys a stillness of mood.”

As usual, we are open for your Framing requirements, which includes bespoke mouldings and customised shapes as well as more conventional frames and mounts for 2D and 3D items.

Our opening times are Wednesday to Friday, 9.30 to 4.30 and Saturday, 10.00 to 1.00. Other times by arrangement.

Unit 1, Rockfield Road, Hereford, HR1 2UA

01432 263937