‘In Praise of Animals’ an exhibition of paintings and ceramics by Mary Edwards, Jeanette Faulkener-Clarke, Geoff Jennings and William Rolls is now on at Apple Store Gallery in Hereford. Your Private View and Meet the Artists invitation is attached.


For more information about the artists, please see below.


Mary Edwards has exhibited her paintings widely including the RA and RWA.

Her paintings give intriguing views of life, which though contemporary, are intensely nostalgic snapshots of a way of life that many people are tempted to think has long passed by. The central theme of all Mary’s work is the interaction between people and animals, be they pets, farm or wild animals found throughout our abundant British countryside.

She says of her paintings: “They reflect the small moments of time from happy memories and imagination that have been part of my life for more years than I care to remember.”

Geoff Jennings gains an intimate insight into the wildlife he encounters while volunteering on Skomer Island. He paints and creates ceramic portraits of birds, animals and some more exotic creatures from further afield.

Jeanette Faulkener Clarke writes:

“Listen to the epithets with which the spectators will describe the type of horse. The noble animal! And what willingness to work, what paces, what a spirit, and what mettle; how proudly he bears himself, a joy at once, and yet a terror to behold.”
Xenophon (435-354 BC.)

The horse, indeed a paradox! A willing honest servant, noble and brave, strong, yet wild, free, unpredictable, neurotic and fearful. Such is the spirit of the horse. A flight and herd animal by nature, it is incredible how they have served humanity. In battle, work and play. In fact have been instrumental in our progress; they deserve our gratitude.

For this exhibition, I have applied paint in a variety of ways, in order to extract the character and mood of each individual, to showcase their natural and unnatural traits and attributes thus allowing the strokes and style of paint to speak and tell the tale. (Tail!)

William Rolls is an artist based in Herefordshire and the Welsh Borders and is new to the Potters community. William studied for his BA and MA in Contemporary Crafts in Hereford. William handbuilds ceramic animals that he salt fires. He uses some ancient glazing techniques such as terra sigillata and engobes. These treatments coupled with the salt firing often give visually interesting results that are always unique.

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