Branching Out and Drawings from a Boatyard

Current work by Framework Herefordshire artists and their friends together with vibrant acrylic paintings by Angela Holden inspired by Salcombe Boatyard.



‘Branching Out’ – Exhibition of Artworks by Framework Herefordshire artists and friends.

Framework Herefordshire is a support network for emerging artists who live, work or study in the county. It has been running for three years and grew out of the Herefordshire Young Open group which was part of h.Art.

Current members exhibiting include Alice Howard, photographs; Matthew Day, 3D print sculpture; Pauline Elliott, drawings & prints; Ashley Elliott, turned wood; Maggie Kingston, ceramics; Ann Beardwood, jewellery.

Invited friends are Hannika Sumner, jewellery; Callum Wood, ink drawings; Chris Cursons, driftwood sculptures.

‘Drawings from a Boatyard’ features vibrant acrylic paintings by Angela Holden, winner of the Hereford College of Arts/Apple Store Gallery exhibition prize 2016.

Inspired by the textures and colours of Salcombe Boatyard, Angela evokes the magical effects of time and weather on metal. She writes:

Anni Albers “you can go anywhere from anywhere” (Albers, 1982).

This statement describes succinctly how my paintings progress from initial idea into an entity creating new narratives, which I respond and interact with. It is very much painting about painting, what can I use to make a painting?  A single idea may start the work and then the process feeds into the subject and a painting takes form.

This series of paintings began with a walk in a boatyard, a boatyard contains all the ingredients for abstract painting; each boat is a colour field, contained, they have edges to them, the hull is one or two colours the sails another.

Accidents occur whilst making a painting making it a less prescriptive exercise, so I embrace a drip on the canvas which leads me to a new experience, which is why I incorporate drips and splats.

I think painting is one of the most conceptual activities you can do, the idea that you can take a two dimensional surface and an unruly liquid, which paint is at times, and produce something out if it. The concept of turning paint into a chair or to use a colour which elicits an emotion from the viewer is highly conceptual; conceptual for the viewer too, you’re not telling someone what to see, the viewer brings their own experience and ideas to the painting – that’s their personal concept and that’s why I love painting. ”

Further information about the artists:

Angela Holden

I use the transformative and seductive qualities of paint to make bold, expressive paintings, using abstract forms to create a simple, non-didactic language.

Through exploring colour relationships and formal elements I question visual perceptions, and by embracing the intuitive, my paintings evolve from initial idea with the final destination unknown. With the making of the work helping form the subject itself, my practice becomes a unique journey of process, referencing both Process art and Abstract Expressionist colour-field painting.

I believe my paintings are a visual echo of my desire for organisation, using simple structures along with colour to create visual juxtaposition.

Matt Day

My work style is organic and boldly contemporary and I never do ‘ordinary’; I enjoy the challenge of experimentation. I use 3D printing and other different digital technologies to explore organic forms which possess strong sculptural qualities. The contrast between organic forms and digital processes is fundamental to my way of working.

I produce clean shapes which are pleasing to the eye and work on a variety of scales.

Maggie Kingston

I am inspired by the natural cycle of the earth, and our physical and spiritual relationship with creation. This finds expression in forms derived from nature. It is further influenced by my interest in mankind’s development over millennia with the stories, myths and legends that attempt to explain our place in the cosmos.

I hope that these pieces will enable you to weave your own stories around them.

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