My work is inspired primarily by nature and my emotional response to it. I am becoming more aware of the part my subconscious memory connected to the subject has on the methodology of the work. I want my pictures to be an expression of both my inner world and the history and sense of place of my subject.

I find that I can best express this by painting plein-air using mixed media. The physicality of paint, mark making, colour and the accidental mark are all equally important in helping me to achieve my intent.

ds-Summer-Fields-VI-cropThe West Sussex coast at Cuckmere Haven and the surrounding countryside were the inspiration for this series of paintings. In July 2013 I worked in a heat wave as day moved into a cooler dusk letting the shapes, smells and colours dictate my response to the sense of history permeating the ancient patterns of fields and hills before me. On the coastline I found I was drawn to express my childhood memories that the sea evoked particularly the magical sense of space and light.