My inspiration stems from the inherent beauty and spirit in all things manifested in form, therefore the pictures I create cover a limitless range of material.

My work varies from abstract to representational and anything in between.

To define my style would be to say that I draw with water then paint, by this I mean I load the brush with water, draw the image, then fill in with paint. though any type of painting I will do, depending on what I feel is suitable for the theme and how I feel at the time.

 It is evident within my practice that all of it has an element of line somewhere, often very obvious and then other times more subtle.

All artists endeavour to extract the source from within; it is just a personal choice as to how we all convey our creations. I have a tendency to initially use line; and draw with water, which I feel allows me the freedom to capture the soul and essence of the subject successfully.


Artist’s CV:

Degree in Painting, Drawing and History of Art Gloucester University 2005-2008


RBSA Gallery, Birmingham. Portrait gallery December 2010

Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham, May 2011

Greenstage Gallery, Bishops FromeWorcesterSept- October 2011

Gardens Gallery Cheltenham,July 2012

Greenstage Gallery, Bishops Frome WorcesterOctober- November 2012

Charity Auction of “We Three Kings” limited edition print

Greatwood Horse CharityMarlborough WiltshireJuly2013

Galleria Restaurant Gallery, Rainhill, Merseyside Summer/Autumn 2013