A native of Newcastle upon Tyne, Diana Nuttall took music & art at A level but pursued music as her chosen career at the Royal Northern College of Music. At the age of fifty she retired from her work as an oboist to devote her time to art. Diana has exhibited and sold well in Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Shrewsbury, Ross-on-Wye, Great Malvern. 2011 was particularly successful with exhibitions at The Courtyard and Parkfields Gallery. Many commissions have been undertaken for her particular style of birch tree designs.



Diana has been painting since 2008 and bases her pictures on her surrounding and inspiring Shropshire landscape. She has a great interest in design and in particular that of trees in the undulating hills and valleys. These have provided me with a great stimulus for a variety of styles of painting. She uses bold and vibrant colours within a limited palette combining abstract and natural forms to produce highly individual results.

“Previously my paintings have been inspired by a specific Shropshire landscape. This series reflects my interest in design.

These paintings based on skeletal trees grow from each other as ideas flood into my mind whilst either in the process or in the interval as I study the results as they are hung on the wall. With presentation of colour and form in mind I am concentrating on effective use of applying acrylic (often without brushes), clarity and impact. Sometimes previous paintings keep influencing me both subconsciously and deliberately. My preference is to keep from too much abstraction in order to retain my recognizable style.

My aim is to produce crisp designs on the cusp of representational and abstract which form a series based on a gradually developing initial theme.”