In addition to our gallery and creative studios, we also offer a bespoke framing service.

In order to help customers fulfil their framing requirements, David will be opening the workshop to the public 10am to 3pm each Wednesday to Friday and 10am to 1pm each Saturday.

David can be contacted by email at This will help him appreciate the nature of the framing you want done.

As an artist himself, David has a good eye for how different framing options work and his background in carpentry enables him to also produce bespoke mouldings and frames where appropriate.

He has recently installed a metal cutter which is useful for some of the contemporary mouldings currently being produced.

In addition to several different options using glass and acrylic, laminating is proving a popular option among artists as it gives a more immediate effect for paper-based watercolour and acrylic paintings and charcoal and graphite drawings.

Another technique which David employs is using a reverse frame on oil and acrylic paintings on 6mm board. This not only enables the whole image to be shown but can be a cost-effective solution.

If you have an image which would benefit from a customised mount or moulding, David is happy to talk to you about this and show you some of those he has produced as samples. As well as irregular shaped mounts he can also supply round frames.

And if you have 3D objects which you would like to protect and display, he can create box frames of varying depths for sports shirts, bouquets, medals, coins and other memorabilia.

Are you an artist who regularly displays their work in exhibitions? If so we are able to provide a range of frames which can be re-used. We offer discounts for multiple frames

We look forward to hearing from you.